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MDW Solutions

Since being incorporated in South Africa in 1997, Competitive Dynamics International has used world renown Lean methodologies through its patented program; Mission Directed Work Teams Program (MDW ™) to transform companies and assist in delivering world class results. Once a client has signed up, MDW ceases to be just another one of CDI’s offerings but we introduce it to you in a gradual modular format and we together start walking the journey.

Our Offerings

Core Business:

1). Mission-Directed Work Teams TM

MDWT ™ is a long term Visual Lean Management Business Solution that engages every employee on the journey to becoming World Class Competitive using tested lean methodologies.


  • Have a workforce involved and committed to the mission of your company. 
  • Have an effective process of goal alignment that guarantees continuous improvement. 
  • Managers can follow and visually manage their KPIs
  • Excellent communication becomes the norm in the  company
  • Team members know, understand and are aligned to the goals of the company.


  • Sales Growth
  • Increase in Efficiency
  • Increase in innovations from the frontline
  • OTIF Improvement
  • Capacity increase
  • ROI is typically 8 to 1
  • Increased Market Share.

2). Open Workshops

From time to time we announce our open workshops which are open to all members of the public.

3). In house Training

 We conduct in-house one day seminars for your staff. This can range from Customer Service to One Day Problem Solving Workshops with the aim of improving productivity.

The Challenge

 According to research carried out with more than 150K employees in different industries:

30 % Of employees are actively involved with their work.

50 % Are not committed to the mission of the company.

 Approximately 20% are actively disconnected from business objectives.

 That is, 70% of employees are not involved and committed to their organization, directly affecting business results.


Goal Alignment

World-Class companies enjoy a 19% better margin than their competitors. Considering that people make a difference, you need to make sure that your employees are working in highly productive teams functioning as Mini-Businesses® within your organization, in order to establish the basis for Effective Problem Solving,
Continuous Improvement and Innovation.

With Mission-Directed Work Teams® and our philosophy of Goal Alignment, the teams:

  • Will strive to simultaneously improve Quality, Speed, Costs and Safety in their area.
  • Will work as a team with their clients and suppliers.
  • Will focus on improving and innovation.
  • Will increase the flow of value for the customer, eliminating waste.
  • Promote the best practices of leadership and teamwork.

The program is based on a front-line approach and offers leaders and their teams the necessary skills to measure their performance against the best recognized business practices worldwide, being able to identify and explore opportunities for continuous improvement.

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Level 5 Leadership

The attitude and behavior of a leader is fundamental to the success of an organization. Leadership impacts the motivation and commitment of team members. When a leader lacks the fundamental leadership characteristics for a World-Class company, it is evident in the performance of the organization. In the United States alone, it is estimated that the lack of employee commitment – a product of the leadership style in the organization – is costing companies between USD450 to USD550 billion per year! How much is it costing your organization?

 Leadership is the ability to create an environment where people feel committed and empowered to continuously seek opportunities to improve performance and be innovative. The leadership tools in MDW®, will help leaders in the development of this skill through:

  • Training, feedback and coaching of their style of empowerment, conflict management and decision making.
  • Coaching for the creation of a team work culture and continuous learning.

Effective Problem Solving

According to research, a process can be – at least – three times more expensive for your company, if your collaborators do not solve “the problem” the first time. This usually happens because there is no mechanism to bring people in the front line to the action of “solving problems effectively”, and above all, because there is not a correct definition of “problem solved”.

Our philosophy is to create, through the structure of Mini-Business®, a culture of problem solving, resulting from the approach of eliminating the barriers that prevent people from participating in problem solving activities, by providing coaching and helping them to focus on targets.

A company is visibly World-Class when the front line collaborators actively propose improvement ideas using a Formal Problem Solving Process. This is a principal benefit for your organization: Team members who identify and implement ideas for improvement in their process.

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Lean Tools

World-Class companies ensure that the customers receive the value that they expect from the organization. This can be achieved through different Lean Tools (Muda, VSM, TOC, etc.). All this is directed to generate faster value, at lower cost, with higher quality and safety. However, if there is no focus on the behavior of the people who are in charge of these processes, sustainability over time is compromised.

Through Mission-Directed Work Teams® the focus remains on those behaviors that cause the benefits to be sustained over time:

    • MDW® connects the strategy and goals with the purpose of the organization.
    • Take the Lean Tools to the front line, where the value to the client is created, so that the continuous improvement is present every day, all day.
    • Has focus on eliminating all types of waste.