CDI AMA East , West & Central Africa

Need a more engaged workforce to accomplish your company´s strategic performance targets?

We are a lean management consultancy firm focusing on taking World Best Practices to the Front line. We are a franchise of Competitive Dynamics International (AMA) in charge of the East, West & Central African region.

Competitive Dynamics International was established in South Africa in 1997. Since then the company has helped clients at over 2500 sites in 80 countries. The CDI Global group comprises three Holdings companies: – CDI-AMA Ltd, CDI AAE Ltd and CDI Holdings (Southern Africa) (Pty) Ltd.

How we work with companies

We assist organizations to become world class and great places to work through our visual management solution: Mission Directed Work Teams ™. MDW uses Lean methodologies to assist you in driving continuous improvement.

A cohesive team is one whose values, mission, vision and goals are clear and understood by everyone.

The experienced CDI consultants also provide assessments to determine improvement opportunities, and can offer additional services such as Value Stream Mapping and Transformation, Strategy Deployment, Cultural Transformation, Standardised Work (a.k.a. Leadership Routines), Psysafe (Psychology of Safety) and Toyota Kata principles.

MDW workshop


We assist organizations become world class and great places to work.


World-Class companies enjoy a 19% better margin than their competitors. 

Considering that people make a difference, you need to make sure that your employees are working in highly productive teams functioning as Mini-Businesses® within your organization…


The attitude and behavior of a leader is fundamental to the success of an organization.

Leadership impacts the motivation and commitment of team members.


According to research, a process can be – at least – three times more expensive for your company, if your collaborators do not solve “the problem” the first time. 

This usually happens because there is no mechanism to bring people in the front line to the action of solving problems…


World-Class companies ensure that the customers receive the value that they expect from the organization. This can be achieved through different Lean Tools (Muda, VSM, TOC, etc.). All this is directed to generate faster value, at lower cost, with higher quality and safety.

Happy Customers

Our happy customers have continued to testify of the sustainability of our MDW Solution. 

"Mission Directed Work Teams is a program that I would definitely recommend to other customers worldwide"
Elizaphan Wahome
Production Manager
"Our Team has a team name and a Motto which we recite very excitedly every morning"
Gladys Kavuli
"Were it not for MDW, I don't know where our business would be today"
Eddie Senkumba